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Wencheng Jinyi Co., Ltd. has strong financial strength, excellent design and production technology, and a strong sense of responsibility and innovation. Its products mainly include insulation, oil resistance, and labor protection clothing series. In order to better meet the needs and develop polyurethane soled labor protection shoes, insulated and oil resistant labor protection shoes mainly include high-altitude work shoes, fashion shoes, sandals, cotton shoes, warm shoes, acid and alkali resistant shoes, anti-static, machine room leather slippers, anti impact, anti puncture shoes, etc. The main products of the clothing series include all cotton high, medium, and low-end seasonal clothing, non ironing shirts, all wool suits, flame retardant, anti-static clothing, acid and alkali resistant, microwave resistant, and rain resistant work clothes, all cotton rain resistant work clothes, sheepskin jackets, leather gloves, etc., which have formed a series of varieties, fashionable styles, beautiful appearance, comfortable wearing, safe and reliable.